Christmas season in Ireland – Arrival

So what do you do when you are still jet-lagged and wide awake at 2am?  Update your new blog, of course!  Upon arriving in Dublin, I was greeted with the song Fairytale of New York.  My thoughts immediately went to the last time I saw the movie P.S. I Love You.  This has to be a sign of an amazing trip that will not soon be forgotten.

First things first.  Arriving in Dublin.

Even when you think you have everything planned to the last detail, things don’t always work out.  Sometimes that’s for the best.  The plan was to pick up my luggage, head straight to Spar for a pay-as-you-go SIM card and a Visitor LEAP Card for transport, and take bus 757 to the City Centre.   It almost worked out. I got my luggage, SIM card, and bus pass but, took the wrong bus.  Didn’t realize it until a few minutes after I’d left the airport.  Fantastic!  I’d end up on the other side of town with quite a walk to the hotel.

It was a long walk but things worked out okay.  I ended up close to Bewley’s on Grafton Street which was recently remodeled.  First stop: COFFEE!!!  If there’s a line and no seats available, go to the left as you walk in where you’ll find the Take-Away counter.

If you see an open door, USE IT!!!  Don’t try to go in through another or you might get stuck.  The doors are narrow and it doesn’t help if you have a huge backpack that’s wider than you.
Pastries from the take-away counter at Bewley’s
The perfect mocha to start your day.

With my luggage and Bewley’s mocha in hand, I continued on Grafton St towards St. Stephen’s Green.  Walking through here makes you feel like you’ve left the city behind.  Great use of space in the middle of the City Centre. I’ll return later, without my luggage…

The Superintendent’s Lodge at St. Stephen’s Green

Finally make it to the place that will be “home” for the next few days:

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